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Rosasco Interviewed on FiOS1 About New 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Opening and Registration

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Ms. Fortino interviewed my good friend and 9/11 survivor, Jack Delaney. Jack was Director of Emergency Medical Services for New York Presbyterian Hospital and responded so quickly to the World Trade Center that he was caught in the rubble when the buildings collapsed. (Read Jack Delaney’s incredible story of 9/11 and it’s aftermath here).
People like Jack, who will never tell you the full extent of their injuries, are the ones most deserving of benefits under the Zadroga Act, and the ones we will be fighting for.

Osama Bin Laden Dead! God Bless the USA

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Just finished watching the President inform the nation that our military and intelligence services have killed Osama Bin Laden. Today the USA stands triumphant in sending a clarion call to all terrorists who would come to our shores to cause us harm. Americans never give up, and you too will be hunted down, flushed out and brought to the justice you deserve.

“Blunder”? Worby Napoli Protest NY Post 9/11 Lawsuit Article

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The New York Post called it an "incredible blunder".   The New York Daily News reported that 9/11 sick workers were scared to sign any "settlement papers" or risk losing out on Zadroga Act Victims’ Compensation Fund benefits.   This is not the first time that  the Worby / Napoli Law firms have been accused of "scaring" 9/11… Continue Reading

9/11/2010: The Rebirth of Ground Zero – One World Trade Center Rises

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  "U.S. Attacked" read the headline from the New York Times on 9/12/2001. Nine years ago tomorrow the former World Trade Center was taken down by two jetliners hijacked by radical Islamic terrorists associated with  Al-Queda. While the physical structure of a great city landmark was reduced to rubble, the immediate deaths and continued illnesses caused by this attack continue to haunt… Continue Reading