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Social Security Disability Paralegal Ronnie Drozda Receives Touching Letter From Client

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Our own Social Security Disability Paralegal Ronnie Drozda received a very touching and complimentary letter from one of our clients who unfortunately is suffering from multiple myeloma; an incurable bone marrow cancer. Social Security Disability Attorney Janet Santeramo-DeWaele was able to get our client  a favorable decision on her case and Ronnie was right along with her to lend support.

Ronnie has been with Turley, Redmond, Rosasco and Rosasco for over 12 years helping disabled workers with their Social Security Disability claims with understanding and compassion for each individual case that she assists with. This letter serves as testimony to her nature and how she works hard to help our clients get the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve. “Ronnie has the extraordinary gift that enables her to sympathize and empathize with clients and has held the hand of many of them providing emotional support along with legal expertise as their claims were navigated through the murky waters of Social Security Disability. She is a remarkable human being and an outstanding team member,” says Ms. Santeramo-DeWaele.

This letter is just one example of many that we have received over the years on Ronnie’s behalf. Ronnie is hard-working and a naturally caring person who makes each and every client feel that they will never be treated as just a numbered Social Security Disability case. Ronnie genuinely cares about our client’s well-being. We are very lucky to have her as a part of the TRRR team!

To read the entire letter click here.


  • Marcus Morgan

    I think that this is a super sweet letter. Attorneys help their clients out a lot and they try to do everything they can to help them. So I bet receiving this letter made him really happy.