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Illicit Drug Use and Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Posted in Long Term Disability / ERISA

This week, we’ve talked a lot about the regulation of legal pharmaceutical products. Let us take a minute though to think about illicit substances. Worker’s Compensation is considered a no-fault system. The amount of money a claimant receives may not be increased if his or her employer is being negligent. Likewise, an employee’s carelessness may… Continue Reading

Links to the Latest Information on Drug Safety

Posted in Bad Drugs & Products

Index to Drug-Specific Information– if a drug has been the subject of review or safety advisory, you can find it on this alphabetical index MedWatch Alerts– you can sign up to receive email alerts from Medwatch, an agency that reports bad drug events to the FDA Daily Med– provides labels to pharmaceuticals to consumers and… Continue Reading

Finding Support

Posted in Long Term Disability / ERISA, NY Workers Compensation Claims

Becoming disabled is a stressful and oftentimes traumatic experience. In addition to dealing with all the legal red tape, there are many problems that may emerge with respect to a worker’s family and financial status. Fortunately Social Workers provide many services for people who are undergoing such hardships. Social Workers can help workers and families… Continue Reading

Pain and Suffering

Posted in NY Workers Compensation Claims

Pain and Suffering is the legal term used to describe any sort of physical, emotional or mental distress which may include potentially limiting conditions such as depression or persistent aches. Generally people seek compensation for any loss of income that can be attributed to such a condition. But Worker’s Compensation is generally a “no fault… Continue Reading


Posted in Long Term Disability / ERISA, NY Workers Compensation Claims

To appeal a decision essentially means bringing a case to a higher court system after a Judge’s ruling. During a hearing before a Worker’s Compensation Law Judge, medical records, personal testimony and other evidence is reviewed and a decision is made as to whether or not the claimant is entitled to compensation or benefits. The… Continue Reading