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Social Security Disability Firm Binder & Binder Prepares for Bankruptcy

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  “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  As reported originally in the Wall Street Journal, Binder & Binder, one of America’s largest Social Security Disability Advocate corporations is preparing for possible bankruptcy this week. The company is facing roughly $40 million dollars in debt due in part to the expensive and ubiquitous late night commercials… Continue Reading

Appealing an Unfavorable Decision for Social Security Disability Benefits: Statistics Show the Road Gets Tougher

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  Recently the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) released its summary of requests for review from the 2013 fiscal year. Requests for review are appeals of decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges (“ALJ”) or dismissals by claimants for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits.  Of nearly 176,000 requests for review, a… Continue Reading

Queens New York Social Security Disability Judge Bias Class Action Settlement Approved by Court

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the settlement in Padro v. Astrue (Colvin) grants over 4000 disability claimants who were unfairly denied benefits by five rogue judges in Queens, NY the right to new hearings before different and independent judges. It also forces the five errant ALJ’s to undergo remedial re-training on Social Security law and proper procedures for conducting fair hearings. Finally, all future decisions by these five judges will be monitored by a special unit within the Social Security Administration for 30 months into the future. So there Mr. “Disability is easy to get” Kroft – stick this decision in your pipe and smoke it!

Social Security Disability is Never Easy to Get in New York and Long Island

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A few important nuggets of truth remained in my letter which will hopefully resonate with most New Yorkers. According to Social Security stastistics, the grim fact is that 1 in 5 male and 1 in 7 female disability recipients die within 5 years of being granted benefits. So if the average age that someone receives disability payments is 55, the fact is that many will never collect a dime of regular Social Security retirement benefits. This saves Social Security a ton of cash!

Troy G. Rosasco Off to NOSSCR National Disability Lawyer Conference in Philly

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As I have done in the past, I’ll be presenting a lecture to “New Practitioners” in the Social Security Disability Law field. I have always believed that in order to be able to teach a subject, you must know it cold. It is no different with Social Security Disability Law, and teaching new Social Security Lawyers is both challenging and invigorating.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Bootcamp Seminar April 18, 2012

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hopefully I’ll need more brain and less brawn at the upcoming full day Social Security Disability Boot Camp Seminar where I will be presenting on April 18, 2012. I will be covering topics such as the difference between SSDI vs. SSI, Social Security Disability appeals, ALJ hearings and mental impairments, such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Rosasco to Lecture on Workers’ Compensation & Disability Law to State Bar Association

Posted in NY Workers Compensation Claims

I will be travelling to Albany this Friday to present a lecture to the New York State Injured Workers’ Bar Association (IWBA) entitled "The Interplay between Long Term Disability Claims, Social Security Disability Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims". The Fall IWBA conference is always one of our most heavily attended and this year, with discussion of… Continue Reading